LABA's philosophy of economic wellbeing in underpinned by the importance of networking, both within the British Asian communities and more importantly with mainstream institutions to build a communications and ultimately a business bridge. Building up a network of diverse people is very helpful for any business. Contacts with different clusters or groups would help individual member with the possibility of greater opportunities. A closed group of contacts will not afford a member this kind of exposure. The more diverse the network is the better it is. Members networking should cut across the geographical boundaries. When they attend group meetings, collect the business cards of other people. Meeting people frequently could help members by bring new business opportunities and paradigms. Networking helps members and LABA to expand its contact list. This ultimately helps members to expand their commercial base. It also brings members and their colleagues in touch with different opportunities and though processes that helps them to diversify their businesses.

To further enhance LABA's abilities and networking capacities, LABA's Board has tasked the Vice-President to identify and encourage individual members to represent LABA on various boards and committees to further enhance its agenda of effective engagement and becoming an active part of the local economic landscape. We are delighted that the following individuals are playing an important role in this journey.

The Aims of the City Centre Management Partnership are:
  • Developing and promoting the long term vision for the effective management of the city centre.
  • Establishing close liaison and productive working relationships with the key private and public sector stakeholders to support the Partnership's objectives and programmes.
  • Preparing, implementing and reviewing with the Board an annual business plan.
  • Establishing a sound financial base and the continuing financial viability of the Partnership through membership, sponsorship and other funding opportunities.
  • Leading and developing the Partnership's support of City Centre Management Team.
  • Reporting on performance through challenging and measurable targets and measures.
  • Work in partnership with appropriate partners/bodies to deliver a family friendly and safer city centre during the day and the night.

The Partnership has appointed Ms. Sarah Harrison as City Centre Director and has the responsibility to:

  • Overseeing the delivery of the City Council's streetscape services in the city centre and liaising with Leicestershire Constabulary, etc under the guidance and/or direction of the Partnership.
  • Seeking additional sources of funding to finance the City Centre Management function and for capital investment.
  • Overseeing a virtual team of officers as an 'Area Management Team' covering such functions as street cleaning, street maintenance, landscaping, lighting.
  • Monthly Summary of Business Conditions in the UK, as reported by the Bank's Regional Agents. (Bank Of England)