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Inderjit is the Managing Director of Global Environmental Health Services, which is training and management consulting company for Food Hygiene, Health & Safety and Environmental Management. Inderjit is an experienced Principal Environmental Health Officer and Commissioning Manager with over 22 years local government regulatory experience in the field at an operational and managerial level within the food and health & safety industry.

While working for the Local Government in the areas of food safety, health & safety, environmental management and Imported food he has acquired skills, knowledge and experience in implementing regulatory criteria required by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Port Health Authority.

He regularly holds seminars and provides consultancy and training for various sectors of food and drinks industry and importers to advice them of EC Directives, UK Regulations, Quality Assurance, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 18000, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Auditing, Certification, Food Labeling & Allergens and Halal Foods.

He has 15 years of experience as a Deputy General Manager of Chain Hotels in the Hospitality & Catering and developed strategic polices to increase profits. He has worked with various corporate companies as a senior manager, food safety and health & safety consultant and trainer in the UK, Germany, Austria and Saudi Arabia. He has also lectured on Food Safety in Educational Institutions such as Hotel Management Colleges. He has also liaised with Vocational Educational & Training centers in the implementation of vocational competencies for the food industry sectors.

He has been influential in the UK food industry for many years as a trainer, consultant, and advisor to local government agencies, hotel and catering industry, and food businesses. This includes project management and implementing the National Competency Criteria for Food Safety and Health & Safety, Auditors and Inspectors, for the UK Food Standards Agency and Health & Safety Executive.

He has worked closely with food manufacturers, distributors and specifiers in the areas of meat and fish products, dairy, chill & frozen food products, dried goods to ensure that UK & EU inspection and assessment standards and criteria are understood and closely followed by auditors and clients.

My main objective is to represent LABA on the Better Regulation for All initiative of the Leicestershire Economic Partnership and to work in partnership with other Regulatory Bodies for the benefit of business community. While working with regulatory bodies I would seek to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, promoting two way communications between businesses and regulatory services, improving the business perception of regulators, supporting regulators to find the right balance between encouragement, education and enforcement.

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